Frank and his team can fit you with the latest sunnies!
For outstanding eye care and advice, turn to Frank Snell from Avondale Optometrists. Conveniently located in Avondale, Frank is an experienced optometrist who is therapeutically qualified to deal with the detection and treatment of eye diseases. Working with the latest equipment, Frank and his highly qualified team will provide you with the best advice. They can also fit you with the latest designs of contact lenses including disposable lenses, gas permeable lenses and coloured contact lenses, each in a prescription tailored to suit the needs of your eyes.


For an optometry team with a great range of stylish sunglasses, call into Avondale Optometrists today. Frank and his knowledgeable team will be able to fit you with a prescription pair of sunglasses that will suit your needs. If you enjoy skiing, sailing or sitting in the sun, you can expect to find the perfect pair for you.

Avondale Optometrists also stocks Maui Jim sunglasses, the very best polarised lenses in the world! The Maui Jim sunglass lenses protect your eyes from the harmful ultra-violet light, eliminate glare, and enhance colours in the world around you. These sunglasses are available in prescription and non-prescription forms. The prescription lenses are generated using the latest digital technology to maximise your sight.

To see for yourself, visit Frank in Avondale today.


Avondale Optometrists is owned by Frank Snell, an optometry expert with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Frank is a therapeutically qualified optometrist allowing him to prescribe medicines to treat certain conditions, he is assisted by Lisa, a qualified Dispensing Optician. He works with people of all ages, including children referred by local schools in Avondale and the surrounding area.

"It's all about listening and responding to every individual's needs. Whether it's solving an 'arms too short' situation or dealing with complex eye problems in a child or an adult, it's forming specific knowledge during the examination that makes the difference in finding the right solution." Frank says.
Optometry testing in Avondale
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